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As a business ourselves, we understand that sometimes you just need that added support without the big capital investment, and that’s where Inectio ICT Support Services step in.

ICT Support Services

Scalable, effective support to help manage your existing infrastructure, supplement your in-house team and deliver ICT skills and expertise when and where you need it most.

It is rather implicit that all organisations wish for peace of mind with their IT infrastructure. Everyone more of less relies on ICT systems that in turn need to function efficiently, effectively and reliably. At Inectio we also provide agreements that allow you to ensure that all your ICT components are up-to-date, up to spec and well maintained. Every organisation appreciates that ICT systems are complex in nature and require various skills, starting from consultation to management and passing through technical skills. Here at Inectio the culture is to ensure that all this is done for the best of your business, therefore we ensure that projects are aligned to the client’s goals and budgets.

Our flexible and nimble service support model means that we’re ready to provide the support you need, at a moment’s notice. Our support can be scaled up or down to meet the immediate and longer-term ICT requirements of your business.

Our ICT Support Services are based on ITIL best practice and cover:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support through our Nectology - Ticketing APP;
  • Mapping your IT assets through our Nectology - Inventory APP - which enable you to track/view live status and breakdown history of each mapped asset (ticket driven approach);
  • A world-class, secure platform to ensure your data cannot be accessed by other parties;
  • Support service helpdesk, a single point of contact providing technical support dependent on business need, from standard business days-business hours to on-call 24/7 support;
  • Remote management;
  • Performance and availability management;
  • Core system management – 24/7 monitoring services for IT infrastructure, including server, storage, network and security devices. Performance thresholds are established with automatic alerting to our engineering team, enabling the identification and remediation of looming issues before they impact the business.

ICT Support Price List:

  • Without Contract
  • 0 per year
  • On-Site: €50 /hr
  • Remote: €35 /hr
  • Phone: N/A
  • Tier 2
  • 8000 per year
  • On-Site: €40 /hr
  • Remote: €25 /hr
  • Phone: N/A

  • All service listed above are based on a Yearly Plan.
  • If the prepaid hours are consumed before the end of term (i.e 1 year) the same rates will apply for its duration, and upon end of each month an invoice will be issued to the client to settle for unpaid services.
  • If the prepaid hours are not consumed before the end of term (i.e 1 year) they cannot be extended for next year M/A (i.e not refundable).
  • The client may change the M/A tier only after it expires.
  • The minimum intervention for each ticket is 1 hour (whether it’s on-site or remote).
  • If an intervention exceeds 1hr and 15min another 1hr will be billed and/or deducted from the prepaid amount (whether it’s on-site or remote).
  • All Prices are Exc. VAT


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!





We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!